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Amy Frost as herself

Angela Grant as herself

Angylina as herself

Audrey Quinn as herself

Bobbi Billard as herself

Brooke as herself

Crystyn as herself

Doria as herself

Jade Michaels as herself

Kimiko as herself

Lori Michaels as herself

Niki Taylor as herself

Saralotta as herself

Shirley Mallmann as herself

Tatiana Zavialova as herself

Tiffany Richardson as herself

Tracy Clark as herself

Zdenka Novotna as herself

Special thanks to all our female contestants!


Benji as his boyish self.

Greg as himself.

Josh Smith as young Morrissey.

MacGyver as himself.

Spyder Dan as himself.

Wing Nut as... who knows what?

Xsaint ® as himself.

XSaint® is a registered trademark and his images, likeness, and namesake can only be reproduced with express written permission from XSaint®.

Sometimes I feel like a nut.

Sometimes I don't.

Who ever invented credits?

Will this page ever end?

Correction: Josh Smith as himself.

Correction: WingNut as young Eddie Munster.


Special thanks to Chip for graphic design help.

Special thanks to Sindar for graphic design help.

Special thanks to all the photographers out there...
you know who you are because we surely don't.

This is for all the little people in the world...
Be thankful you don't bump your head on tree limbs.


Alright, I'm stalling because I'm trying to think of more credits!

Special thanks to most of our male contestants.

But mostly me.

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Bark Out to Benji! Ruff Ruff!





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